Discover who is The Sugar-Free Baker

Synne, also known as The Sugar-Free Baker is 26 years old and comes from Norway. She´s married and currently divides her time between Barcelona and Lier, outside of Oslo. She works as a freelance writer and translator for a living, but she also spends a great deal of her time working on The Sugar-Free Baker. In university, she studied creative and professional writing, but since about age 17, she took a keen interest in health, nutrition and training.

When did you first get the idea to create “the sugar-free baker”? Why?

That question requires a bit of backstory. While studying in Australia I did a two-week experiment where I cut out all refined sugar (so that’s added sugar, not fruits, for example). Within the space of those two weeks I felt like a whole new person. I know that’s a cliché, but that’s genuinely what seemed to happen to my body. I had more energy, felt more optimistic, could lift more at the gym, had an easier time meditating; it was as if everything sort of eased its way into balance.

A couple of years later, I re-discovered my passion for baking, which now obviously had an added challenge; making the same delicious sweets without any sugar. After a while, I started getting quite comfortable baking without the white stuff, and while living in Thailand I decided to start up a blog. This happened at a time when I was doing a lot of waiting on agents for a novel I’d written, and I needed a project that was my own, where I didn’t have to wait for anyone.

The why, then, is quite easy: I have myself experienced the enormous difference cutting out sugar can make. And I want to show people that making sugar-free cakes, desserts and candies doesn’t in any way mean that you can’t bake things that taste exactly the same as those containing sugar. I also genuinely believe that the way we’re eating sugar today needs to change – and I want to contribute to that change.

What’s the most surprising thing you discovered while learning how to bake without sugar?

Firstly, how easy it is to get it right. There are only a handful of recipes that are actually tricky sugar-free.

Secondly, the time I realised I could make hard crack candy completely sugar-free. Being from Norway I love the candy Daim – and now it’s a piece of cake to make it at home with no sugar added.

Confess us something; does the Sugar-free baker really don’t eat sugar at all? Why?

It’s extremely rare. In my everyday life, no, not at all. There have been periods since I discovered how bad sugar was for me in Australia that I’ve gone on sugar binges. And the feeling has been absolutely awful. It’s as if your whole mind and body cloud and just feel out of whack. So the only time I’ll have sugar now is if I’m on vacation somewhere and I want to try a dessert I’ve never tasted before. But even then it’s usually just a small taste.

Is there a creative person who has inspired or influenced you and your work?

It’s really hard to name just one. I spend a lot of time on Instagram and there are some account feeds that are just mind-blowingly good. My absolute favourite one is @lauraponts, who makes these incredible overhead shots of food. I think I’m still trying to find my own style of photography, though, and once I have, I’m sure I’ll have a better answer concerning inspiration.

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