Utensukker.org was born in Norway with the aim of responding to the simple question; 

What are we really eating?

Corporations, marketing, lobbies and big economic interests are making a great job in selling us products full of sugar and chemicals as healthy products. 

Our purpose?

Give a wake-up call to Norway and Scandinavia in particular, and the world in general. 

Our vision?

Together, we can make it happen!


Our team


The utensukker.org team is formed by a group journalists and analysts who work in different fields. Our team is carrying out a purely informative work because we LOVE life and people. We, as experts in information and communication, know how Corporations work from within. We are passionate about health and that is why we want to promote a healthy lifestyle without lies, wiles or tricks.


Just information based on science, where you will have access to all of our information sources.

We are not doctors or nutritionists. At utensukker.org we do not tell you what to do or what not to do. We give you a very important tool; information. You and only you decide how to use it.


None of our members receives financial benefit for the work done on utensukker.org. This project is funded by our own team. However, if you want to help us grow and support our movement, your donation is very welcome.

Thank you very much, 

and once more time, 

Welcome to utensukker.org!